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Asian Scouts and Guides, is established with the Vision and mission dynamic development of children and youth to make them a better citizen. To make a change in entire personality it is more important for every child to get exposure in physical activities also. A student needs to be ready for any situation or challenges in his/her life. Our motto is to make them ready to overcome any challenges. Scouting is a place to discover new things and embark on great adventures. A place where youth gain leadership skills by leading their peers on meaningful outdoor adventures. Excellence in dynamic personality enhances the sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism.
The purpose of Scouting is to contribute to mental, physical, and spiritual development of youth. As scouts/guides, Youth may undertake lots of activities relating to Community Development, Social-Service, Adventure Activities, Yoga, Meditation, Environmental Conservation, Vocational skills, National Integration, Sprit of Patriotism, Brotherhood, Loyalty, Discipline and Leadership qualities etc. These activities enable young people in making them good citizens of the country.

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